Get the Look: Kylie Minogue’s Casual Bun

Kylie Minogue

I’m a big fan of the bun, but come summer I like to loosen it up and keep it more casual. I’m also less strict about my hair being completely flat ironed. I love how Kylie Minogue has left some of her natural texture in the photo above. The key, I’ve found, is to prep hair with a heat protectant/de-frizzing product (I love Living Proof’s Prime), when hair is towel-dried and then blow drying it without a brush to keep some of the natural texture. Once dry I just tie it up and then mist it with a shine spray (I love Oribe’s Shine because it not only works, but smells amazing). Voila!

What’s your go-to summer hairstyle?

Image: Zimbio

One thought on “Get the Look: Kylie Minogue’s Casual Bun

  1. I’ve been trying to wear my hair down more, but casual buns are one of my go-tos. Love them for summer too… just so easy and keep my hair out of my face in the heat!

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