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Get the Look: Tousled Ponytail


Oy! Is there any better word to describe what is going on in the above image of Kelly Bensimon? I’m all for a casual tousled ponytail – in fact I love it! It’s one of the few looks that looks easy to achieve and actually is, but it does take some effort. The key to this look is to think of your hair as loose, undone waves and to remember to add volume and texture at the crown of your hair with a mousse (I’m loving Oribe’s new Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse). Apply the mouse on damp hair, then rough dry it. You can also loosely braid your hair for texture or use big barrel curls and lightly brush them out. If you want extra volume you can finish the look with a spritz of volumizing spray or if you’re in a humid climate, use an anti-frizz serum instead. Voila! Also, as someone who runs pretty much everyday, I highly advice not blowing bubbles or running in the middle of the street….

Image: Zimbio


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