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Beauty Food: Greek and Icelandic Yogurt


I try not to eat too much dairy because I have a hard time digesting it, but one thing I’m trying to keep in my diet is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt’s protein content is usually double that of regular yogurt and it’s rich in probiotics, friendly bacteria that lives in our intestines. Probiotics help keep the cells of the colon healthy, which is critical for good digestion (maybe that’s why it’s one of the few dairy products I don’t have trouble digesting!?). If you’re interested, you can read more about the benefits of probiotics here.

Fage gets the most attention when it comes to Greek yogurt, but I’m obsessed with Chobani – especially their non-fat fruit flavors and their new flip cups. Another awesome brand is Sohha. Not only does their yogurt come in traditional as well as original flavors like Sea Salt, but they’ve got the coolest topping options! Who wouldn’t want a savory yogurt with an everything bagel topping? Perfect snack! Sohha’s yogurt is handcrafted and made from the highest quality milk available. You can read more about their ingredients here.

I haven’t completely given up on regular yogurt however. There is one yogurt on the marketplace that is still worth eating along with Greek – Smari. All of the brand’s yogurts are non-fat, probiotic rich and have comparable protein levels to Greek yogurt (they have between 17 and 20g per serving – higher than any regular yogurt on the market), it’s also the only Icelandic yogurt on the market that comes from organic milk and fruit. Plus, it’s loaded with calcium and low in sugar and it has a thick, creamy consistency comparable to Greek yogurt. Eat up!


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