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Mario Badescu Almond Scrub

The mosquitoes this year in the Hamptons are AWFUL! I’ve been really good about wearing bug spray, but last week I was at a friend’s barbeque in Amagansett and her house is realllly country, so there were more bugs than you can even fathom. I sprayed my body everywhere that skin was exposed. I figured why spray my legs when I’m wearing long pants? Uch….fast forward 24 hours and I am COVERED in bites. At least 10 from my butt to my ankles and I’m so pale my legs look horrible especially because I’m slightly allergic so the bites gets really big. Anyway all this to say that my legs are extra sensitive at the moment so while I typically opt for a heavy duty scrub to alleviate soreness from running, I’m using Mario Badescu’s Almond Face Scrub ($15) on my body instead. It has a soothing creamy texture and I love that you can actually see the almonds in the scrub. I haven’t used it on my face, but I’m sure the texture would make it great as a weekly/bi-weekly exfoliator. Plus it has honey so it’s moisturizing. If you’re looking for something mild that will leave your skin hydrated..check this one out!


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