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McQ Alexander McQueen Leather Pants: Get a Leg Up on the Season

McQ Alexander McQueen Leather Pants

I’m lusting after these McQ leather pants, and considering I’m in the middle of a 110-degree heat wave in California, that’s saying something. Right now is clearly not the time to break them out, but a girl’s to plan and nothing will be more versatile for fall and winter than leather leggings. You can wear them with basically anything – a sweater, a jacket, or a billowy blouse with a defined hem (steer clear of loose shirt tails). With the right dress, these could even be edgy substitutes for tights. The skinny style will flatter you and keep you warm, which is a magic combo in a time when bulky everything reigns supreme. Available at Bergdorf Goodman for $1,190.

Love the look but not the cost? M Missoni has a Frugal Snob option – faux leather leggings ($245). The price isn’t the only upside. Since it’s not actual leather, you’ll have an easier time with maintenance!



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