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Radiesse Facial Contouring: The End of the Lines

Radiesse Facial Contouring

Radiesse is the latest in injectables. The gel can fill in deep wrinkles (like laugh lines), forehead furrows, and the crease between your brows. What intrigued me is that not only does the formula promote collagen growth, but it’s made from calcium hydroxylapitite – a bone-derived mineral that’s biological and natural. It’s easy to contour, allowing your doctor to sculpt the gel to look just right. The effects last up to a year, which is the longest you’d want fillers anyway. Past that time, your face falls down and the injectables don’t – not a cute combo.

With an ultra-expressive face like mine, you create wrinkles quickly. Compact that with the fact that my strong facial muscles make the lines look even more pronounced, and you’ll understand why I took an interest in Radiesse. I wanted to have it injected in the deep fissure between my brows, but Dr. Alex Liu of Awaken Cosmetic Surgery told me that the muscles would push the filler out each time I creased my brow. I needed to resort to a different measure first, so I got Botox the other day to stop my furrowing. The process was very tolerable. You have a topical anesthesia applied 20-30 minutes beforehand to take the edge off. Then the needle itself is itty-bitty. While you do feel it, it’s just like a mosquito bite. Instead of injecting the Botox in one place, Dr. Liu used small amounts over many areas to ensure a natural look. Once it becomes fully activated after two weeks, I’ll return to get the Radiesse.

This personalized plan shows why Dr. Liu has earned a reputation as one of the most responsible cosmetic physicians in L.A. He believes in small enhancements, rather than serious overhauls – he often turns away patients who long for extreme procedures. He advises his loyal following as friends, not for financial benefit. Even though I’m lucky to call him a friend outside of the office, this is how he treats everyone who walks through the door. When I went to get a laser hyper-pigmentation treatment, he first tested it out behind my ear to see if it was the right choice for me. Thank god he did because it actually made my skin darker! His foresight and honest concern are rare in this field. When getting injectables, make sure you find a doctor you trust. If you’re interested in learning more about Radiesse, schedule an appointment here!

Radiesse Facial Contouring



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