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Sergio Rossi Suede Flared Cutout-Back Pump: Pink Peacock

Sergio Rossi Suede Flared Cutout-Back Pump

Like father, like son! There must have been some shoptalk at family dinner (wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at that house??) because this season both of the Rossi men are creating covetable flared back pumps. The Rossis are too talented – Gianvito’s their third generation of shoe designing genius. While I don’t know who thought to do this winged look first, I can say that dad came out the winner. Not only is the high back exaggerated, but it’s defined by daring, slightly futuristic cutouts. Sergio Rossi is no stranger to cutouts, and yet this is something new. Odds are, there’s nothing like it in your wardrobe (which is why you must have it!). And if you’re already going bold with this dramatic style, it might as well be in hot pink, right? Available at Bergdorf Goodman for $750.

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