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Tassel Jewelry: With a Little Bit of Luck

Tassel Jewelry

Tassels have a long and versatile history. Think about it – the same accessory that hangs from your mortarboard at graduation is worn on stage by burlesque performers. Somewhat ironically, the first mention of the tassel came in the Bible when God claimed that wearing one would help you remember the 10 Commandments. Since then, it’s earned a reputation as a talisman. And we could all use a little luck, right?

Isabel Marant Gold-Tone Crystal Tassel Earrings: These earrings come with a dust bag emblazoned with the phrase, “Little things make big days.” But I’d hardly call these little – they hang past your shoulders! On NET-A-PORTER for $285.

Saint Laurent Opium Gold-Tone Tassel Necklace: Tassels originated as a means to keep cords from unraveling. Over the years, we’ve taken the look and adapted it metal. On NET-A-PORTER for $1,995.

Ben-Amun Pearl Tassel Earrings: Pearls and sleek chains give the tassel a ladylike feel. Wear these with anything from a gown to your favorite pair of jeans. On Charm & Chain for $100.

Lulu Frost Immortality Tassel Necklace: Tassels made a resurgence in the 1920s – they’re like the jewelry equivalent of swingy, flapper dresses! On Charm & Chain for $285.

Oscar de la Renta Bead, Crystal and Feather Tasseled Clip Earrings: Oscar loves beaded tassel clip-ons, and with these feathers, they have even more dimension. On NET-A-PORTER for $395.

Loree Rodkin Diamond Tassel and Raw Turquoise Bead Bracelet: Turquoise has also been used as an amulet throughout history – these’ll give you two times the luck! On Browns for $2,689.



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