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The Heat is On: Summer Beauty Tips from Jamie O’Banion

The Heat is On

The brains behind Beauty Bioscience, Jamie O’Banion, shares her summer make up tips!

Summer is in full swing and for many of us that can mean days at the beach, outdoor weddings, and backyard soirees. While summer styling is generally more casual and carefree than the cooler seasons, how does a girl keep her makeup looking gorgeous in the summer heat? Today you are in luck – below I have some great makeup tips that will help you avoid a summer makeup meltdown!

The Heat is On
Switch to a lighter moisturizer for the summer months. Don’t be tempted to skip your moisturizer as this will only lead to flaky skin.

Summer is the perfect time for primer, especially one with a built in SPF (try my favorite, Beauty Bioscience’s 4-in-1 Tinted SPF 30 – $75). Primer will help keep the makeup you do wear stay put.

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful, glowing skin feel free to skip foundation. If you do decide to wear a foundation, make it a light application of a sheer liquid like NARS‘ foundation (at Sephora for $44).

The Heat is On

Matte eye shadow powders in neutral colors like YSL‘s Pure Chromatics (at Sephora for $55) work best for the summer months. Choose a shadow with a little shimmer for evening or special events.

Consider bareMinerals‘ waterproof mascara (at Sephora for $18) to guard against raccoon eyes as the result of water or perspiration. For extra protection, try their waterproof lash top coat (at Sephora for $12).

The Heat is On
Obviously, dark creamy lipsticks are no good in the summer months. Choose a slightly shimmery nude or neutral gloss, preferably one with an SPF as well. By Terry‘s Gold Digger (on for $44) gives the perfect hint of shimmer.

If you prefer more color on your lips than a gloss provides, try a sheer lip stain like Tom Ford‘s lip shine (at Bergdorf Goodman for $48).

Of course no summer beauty guide would be complete without a reminder to wear sunscreen! Choose one with an SPF of at least 30 and remember to reapply every 90 minutes or after you have been in the water.

Do you have a great summer makeup tip you would like to share? I always love to hear from my readers, so feel free to leave your advice in a comment below!


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