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The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition: Royal Carriage

The Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition

We have a name – George Alexander Louis (I guessed it would be George – you can ask my husband!). Now the little prince just needs his chariot, and it will truly be a chariot – all terrain air-ride suspension included. Silver Cross has been the pram of choice for the monarchy since 1926, so you can bet Georgie’s ride will be the latest model – the Aston Martin limited edition (only 800 were made). It’s lined in Alcantara, a performance fabric that’s not only cozy, but super durable and will stay looking perfect after many a ride around Buckingham. Since the little guy’ll be doing a lot of traveling, Will and Kate will appreciate the fact that the lightweight chassis folds flat. Better yet, it grows with your baby from a bassinet to upright seating (forward or rear facing – the future king of England needs a nice view!). And since these are British brands, it’s being sold in a distinctly British store – Harrods. Available for £2,000.



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