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Ana Khouri Hand Cuffs: You’re Under Arrest

Ana Khouri Hand Cuffs

There are hand cuffs that you don’t want to find yourself in and then there are Ana Khouri’s. The responsibly sourced gold jewels are for the Snob who has everything and now requires a new kind of accessory to make a statement. Cue Khouri. The Brazilian designer took her inspiration from nature for Kelly’s favorite – the stem cuff – and for these arachnid ($30,600) and leaf ($28,300) pieces. I know a lot of you might be afraid of spiders, but this is one that I think you’ll actually like holding. Every last one of the large, blackened gold legs is covered in pave black diamonds – more than 3 carats worth! The gold leaf offers you the Grecian goddess vibe, only instead of a crown of laurels, you have a knuckle’s worth. And truth be told, that’s a lot more wearable on the average day than a crown would be! On NET-A-PORTER.



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