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DIY Strip-Free Hair Removal…Do You Dare?


I have, in the name of research, waxed myself…talk about the least fun thing to do on a weekend! It’s uncomfortable, and I’m not nearly as good at it as when someone else does it for me – plus you can really only go over the same area twice before you risk possible irritation, making it all the more important that you’re efficient when it comes to getting all your hairs (and I am not). There are a few salons in NYC (European Wax Center is my favorite because they’re quick, clean, and inexpensive – they have a ton of locations around the country), that don’t use strips, but rather apply the wax directly onto your skin. It’s a more eco-friendly and some argue effective way to wax. Now a new organic brand, Bare All, has come out with a strip-free hair removal product that comes in two bars that are 100% USDA Certified Organic and contain no chemicals or resins, and they’re cruelty-free and vegan.

This is how it works: First you warm the sugar in your hands and stretch and fold it on itself until it’s pliable. You then spread it on your skin before you rip it off as you would a strip. Sugar is less painful than wax, but it’s not as effective on thick hair. I’ve had samples of these bars for months, but was too scared to try them…I finally bit the bullet the other day. It takes a little bit more work than strips to get the sugar bars to be useable and once on yes they are less painful but again if you’ve got thick hair this won’t likely be the most effective way to get rid of your hair and while it is less painful, it’s still painful! That said because sugar is more gentle you can go over the same area more than twice and not risk irritation. I’m still all over in-salon waxing, but if you’re looking to save money and have thin hair, check-out Bare All!


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