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Get the Look: Pointy Nails


I recently came across this ad for a Miami-based jewelry store and couldn’t take my eyes off the female model’s pointy nails. We’ve seen Fergie, Beyonce, Adele, Rihanna, and a handful of other stars perfect this shape, which works great if you’re trying to elongate your fingers. Personally, Halloween aside, I can’t see myself sporting claw nails – way too impractical – but they’re a great way to make an unexpected statement. If you’re not sure about working this look, use stickers versus glue as an adhesive for your faux nails. Once you’ve secured your nails, place your file at a 45 degree angle and file them down in an up and down motion to create a triangle. Then, use clippers to clip them at a 45 degree angle to make them extra sharp.

What do you think about pointy nails?


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