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Instant Refresher: In-Office Glycolic Peel

Instant Refresher

I’ve been looking like dead woman walking lately…uch. I’ve been tired and stressed and the effects are showing up on my face. I’ve also had minor breakouts that don’t seem to be going away…this is not acceptable!!! I stopped by one of New York magazine’s top rated dermatologists Dr. Schultz’s office (his office is about as luxe as it gets…), to see if there’s anything he can recommend. I wasn’t expecting that one of the answers would be an in-office glycolic peel. I have very sensitive skin (I know everyone says that, but I actually do…even Dr. Schultz said so!), so the last thing I want to do is risk irritating it. The two-minute peel however was amazing – the results were pretty much immediate! I’m still not sure how I was convinced to try it, but I’m so glad I did it.

Dr.┬áSchultz stresses daily chemical exfoliation as being the key to brighter, healthier skin (he favors chemical exfoliation with a glycolic product over the Clarisonic or other physical exfoliators), but when you apply a glycolic product at home odds are you’re applying 8 to 15% whereas in-office a dermatologist can use 30 to 40%. I got 40% for my in-office treatment, which entails nothing more than having the product applied to your face then waiting two minutes (it’s a little tingly but there’s no pain). You then wash off the product and voila! I was a bit red and dry for a few minutes, but after I left the office I could tell my skin looked fresher, felt tighter, and overall just looked better. I could not recommend one of these quick treatments enough! Do note however that you might notice some flaking in the 2-3 days following the treatment.

Check-out this video for a little bit more. I’m also now convinced enough to give my Clarisonic a rest for a few weeks and see what happens if I use glycolic products instead…


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