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JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow: Sleeping Beauty

JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow

The truth is that beauty sleep is not always so beautifying. Sure, those bags under your eyes might be gone, but all night you were slowly but surely creating facial wrinkles. And you sleep for about 1/3 of your life! Unless you go to bed with a mirror next to you, you’d never know the kind of creases you’re forming, especially with the hard pillows I like (they’re great for supporting your neck). Personally, I’ll go to the ends of the earth and subject myself to obscene amounts of pain to avoid forming any more lines, but the good news is there’s a comfy way to get the job done – JuveRest’s sleep wrinkle pillow! The high-tech cushion was designed by a plastic surgeon to reduce contact to your face and consequently, all of that wrinkle-producing scrunching.

It was sent to me to try, and after only a week, I have to admit that there’s definitely something good to be said about its lofty claims. I’ve been sleeping so well! It’s best to lay on your side (which is what I do anyway and where most scrunching occurs – on your cheeks and outer forehead) where it has only one point of contact – the side of your skull. The contours and ridges cradle your head, allowing your face some breathing room. You feel weightless. It has different sides that offer various kinds of neck and back support. One of the long sides has a neck support that slopes gradually upward from your shoulder to your head, but I prefer the other side with a straight edge. Whichever side you choose (and you can always change it up!), you’ll have incredible posture while sleeping so that you never wake up with a crick in your neck or sore shoulders.

Honestly, you don’t know how poorly you’ve been sleeping until you try this. Before, I was using my neck muscles to keep my head from lolling off the pillow, which I was totally unaware of until I slept with this. Full disclosure, though – it’s the craziest-looking pillow I’ve ever seen. You’ll want to hide it underneath all of your other cushions when you make the bed. It does come with a cover, but I wish they had other color options. White would look so nice with my linens. Bottom line? Start treating all of your other pillows as decorations – you’ll never go back once you’ve slept wrinkle-free! On JuveRest for $180.

JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow



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  1. Interesting! I might need to check this out. I sleep on my side and have always heard you can develop wrinkles that way. This thing is pretty pricey, but I might try it out anyway. 🙂

  2. I am a side sleeper too! I wake up with lines indented on my face from sleeping so I am sure I am wrinkling. My chest too. I can see the wrinkles in my chest when I first wake up. I need one!

    1. Not only will it solve the wrinkling problem, but this is the most comfortable pillow for side sleeping. I don’t even care that my husband can’t get close to me while I’m snuggled in this thing, totally worth it!! LOL.

  3. This is very interesting…I hate the way my pillows don’t offer support in the right areas and then I have a stiff neck and shoulders every morning. I would buy this if it really works for wrinkles too 🙂