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Kenzo Leather Patterned Backpack: Let’s Back Up…

Kenzo Black Leather Patterned Backpack

When I was in college in the ‘90s, I carried two different bags to class: a classic Chanel flap topped with gold chains and a nylon Prada backpack topped with gold chains. Needless to say, I didn’t actually carry any books in either in my bags. I held or made a boy carry them. I loved my Prada backpack so much I carried it everywhere, even once on the Great Wall of China. While classic Chanel bags still hold a big place in my heart and on my arm (obviously), I have yet to find a backpack I have wanted to carry again since then. (Sleek and grown-up, The Row’s crocodile version did tug at my heartstrings, but I couldn’t stomach the price.)

Kenzo‘s playfully printed take is cute for a guy…Or a girl under the age of 25. But for me? Alas, I’m not still in college, so I’m still going to resist the urge. I’ve made it this far; only time (and designers’ levels of ingenuity) will tell if I’ll ever strap one on again. So what about you: would you sport Kenzo’s lighthearted rucksack or has the backpack seen its day? On Ssense in black and blue for $660 each.



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