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Little Giraffe Moto Baby Faux Leather Jacket: Slip into Softness

Little Giraffe Moto Baby Faux Leather Jacket

We all love to dress our kids in the chicest gear, and yet if it’s not comfortable, they’re not putting it on. This is why I love Little Giraffe – their pieces are soft, cute, and well priced. If you don’t already have one of their blankets, go now. It’s hard to describe the cloud-like softness in words, but once you experience it first-hand, you never forget. You’ll immediately throw out all of your other blankets. While faux leather may not be quite as cozy as chenille, the comfy interior of the jacket meets the stringent softness standard we’ve come to expect from the company. Plus, silver is a nice neutral (and one that can handle all sorts of playtime wear and tear) that will go with most of your tot’s wardrobe. The moto style is unisex – whether thrown over boys’ jeans or a girl’s tutu, the jacket will have your tot feeling like the coolest kid on the playground. It’s too bad the sizing only goes up to 24 months – I would have gotten one for each of my daughters! On Little Giraffe for $73.



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