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MalibuC: Hair Treatments for Every Ailment

Hair treatments are a dime a dozen, but kudos to MalibuC for not only coming out with conveniently portable ones, but for having ones targets toward pretty much any hair issue I can think of! Better yet the brand is totally vegan and preservative-free and all of their treatments work to remove damaging environmental impurities, specifically those hidden in water (luckily NYC water is pretty good), in addition to their specific target problem. For summer the Swimmers Treatment is awesome. Hair is like a sponge. In addition to coating it with unchlorinated water and a leave-in conditioning product before jumping into the pool (to build a barrier and help protect it from possible damage), the treatment is perfect to use – in addition to your clarifying shampoo and conditioner – immediately after your chlorinated swim because there is only so much your basic hair products can do on their own. Aside from removing all the harsh elements from the pool, it will work to remove the green tinge that comes from mineral deposits.

This is just one of the many options that they’ve got, all of which are super easy to use. Just shampoo your hair, then take MalibuC’s crystal vitamin formula and mix it with water in your hand until the crystals dissolve. Leave it in your hair for about five minutes and then shampoo and condition.


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