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Ready to Fall

Ready to Fall

Can summer please be over already?? It’s been 104 degrees here in Texas all week long. I know, I know – I complained when it was cold and now I’m complaining that it’s hot. To be honest, I’m also just tired of summer clothes. I’m ready to roll out my fall noir repertoire! All I need are a few beauty options to complete the romantic look, and they involve dark polish, a dark lip, and a smudged eye. In fact, if you buy one beauty product to transition into fall, make it this Laura Mercier kohl liner (at Laura Mercier for $24). How I’ve managed to live this long without it is beyond me, but I am so glad it’s now in my life. Possibly the best kohl liner I have ever used. Glides on without pulling on your eyelids or lashes, and smudges easily yet lasts long. I jumped in the pool to test its washability and you definitely need makeup remover, though the water does smudge it more. Best part is I can ditch annoying eyeliner sharpeners (that, along with pencil sharpeners, are the bane of my existence!). Two other dark obsessions of mine are from NARS‘ 413 Bleeker collection. A smoldering lip in deep rose brown (at NARS for $26) will transition into fall beautifully. With kohl-rimmed eyes and dark lips, I prefer a clean, pale face – no need for blushers or bronzers! You can get wild with a darker nail – NARS’ midnight blue (at NARS for $19). These are hues influenced by the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, but you don’t need to be a city girl to glam it up.



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