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National Relaxation Day Necessities: Eye and Neck Massagers

Today is National Relaxation Day (who comes up with these random holidays??). While it’s kind of silly, any excuse to pamper yourself is a good one! I’ll be celebrating with something a little gimmicky – an eye massager. Normally I wouldn’t buy this, but since I received one as a gift with purchase from Shu Uemura, I figured it was worth taking onto the plane for the ride home from Taiwan. It turned out to be the best thing ever! The worst part of flying is waiting for the plane to take off (I’m not very patient), so I put the massager on as soon as I sat down and was immediately sent into a state of pure relaxation – that is, until we had to turn off all “electronics.”

The lenses keep all light out while still letting you see. Considering the eyes vibrate, it was too hard to focus, though – I’d prefer they be totally blacked out. My embarrassed daughter made sure to let me know, “Mommy, everyone is staring at you!” I definitely did not care. How often do you get to experience true zen? ON A PLANE?! I’m normally tired on flights and not able to sleep through it. Yet with my neck pillow and eye massager, I was completely zoned out in a state of restful euphoria. I’m even investing in a massaging neck pillow for next time. Spa on a plane? It’s happening. I already had my rose water, deep moisturizer, eye cream, and lip balm. This just completes the experience! Eye massager ($122.37) and massaging neck pillow ($29.95) on Amazon.



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