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Sweat Like Serena: Do You Wear Sweatbands When You Work Out?


Until recently I might have rolled my eyes at the thought of wearing a sweatband – how 80’s Olivia Newton-John! Truth be told however my hair gets to be pretty gross after most of my workouts because they’re very long and try as I may, it’s never totally out of my face when I’m running or moving around in power yoga. Knotty, sweaty hair is pretty much the worst, especially because I don’t have patience and just end up yanking out the knots. In comes the sweatband…I have to say fashion aesthetics aside I felt a little pretentious wearing one the first few times – kind of like those people who wear gloves when they’re lifting weights at the gym. I still feel a little self-conscious about it (tell me if I’m crazy here!?), but wearing them has made such a difference! The key is finding ones that can stand up to the heat. Make sure that if you’re buying one that it’s a moisture-wicking one as it will not only keep the sweat off, it will dry fast. If you work out outdoors I’d also suggest getting one that protects against UV rays. Lastly, try to get one that doesn’t clash too much with your workout apparel…

What are your thoughts on channeling your inner athlete and wearing a functional sweatband?

Image: Zimbio


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