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Your Burning Supplement and Weight Loss Questions Answered


There is so much information (and misinformation…), out there when it comes to supplements and weight loss I wanted to go straight to a reliable source. I spoke with Michele McRae, Sr. Director of Research, Formulation & Quality at Rainbow Light, to find out more about some dos and donts.

Why are there such big price differences between supplement brands?

As with any product, there is a wide range in quality that can affect pricing. While price isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality, sourcing high quality ingredients and testing them to ensure purity is more costly than formulating with low quality raw materials that are not tested for safety and purity. Lower quality ingredients can also be more difficult to absorb, which can translate to little or no benefit to the end user – not cost-effective in the long run. Every product that Rainbow Light offers is research-based and contains high-quality ingredients and real, whole foods and herbs.

When is the best time to take supplements?

Often consumers are directed to take dietary supplements at meal times. The body secretes digestive enzymes at mealtime to digest foods for assimilation, so it makes sense to take supplements with meals. Rainbow Light uses forms of nutrients that are easier to digest and assimilate and therefore can be taken away from mealtime.

Is there any truth to losing weight if you eat between an eight-hour window (12-8 or 9-5) versus eating the same amount of food spread out?

Though there may be a minor metabolic connection to eating times, hormone levels and maintaining optimal weight, the 8-hour window phenomenon described above probably has as much to do with limiting additional eating opportunities that could contribute to increased overall caloric intake and an imbalanced energy equation. If one eats 2000 calories between 9am and 5pm or eats 2000 calories from 7am to 9pm, it’s still 2000 calories. However, limiting intake to a finite time window during the day may help to cut down on total calories taken in by denying additional snacking.

It is very important to stop eating at least 3 hours or more before sleep to have the best metabolic window, increased calorie burn before bedtime, and for resting your digestive organs while sleeping.

Are there any supplements that can help with weight loss?

One new ingredient is Slendesta, a unique extract from non-GMO potatoes grown in the U.S., clinically proven to provide satiety benefits with healthy weight loss. Rainbow Light’s Thinberry Satiety product features Slendesta as the lead satiety ingredient. Multiple clinical trials testing Slendesta for its effect on weight loss confirm that it results in an average weight loss of 7.8 lbs. in 12 weeks without changes in diet and exercise. Subjects reported feeling full sooner. With small changes in diet and exercise, clinical studies have demonstrated weight loss of 20 lbs. in 12 weeks. Slendesta promotes the release of cholecystikinin (CCK ) which is a known satiety hormone naturally released in the gut when we consume food. CCK reduces the desire for food. Many of us eat in a hurry, chew too quickly, or eat on the run, and we tend to consume large portion sizes. This doesn’t give our bodies the chance to receive the CCK signal in time to keep our portion sizes down. Taking Slendesta before a meal can help us cut down portion sizes naturally, without side effects. Eating slowly also helps.

What are your feelings on supplements? Do you take any?


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