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Arcona Skincare Trifecta: Three’s Company

Arcona Skincare Trifecta

I’ve been using Arcona’s skincare products on and off for years. My absolute favorite was the kiwi mask, which of course got discontinued. A girlfriend told me that their raspberry resurfacing peelicon ($68) does the same thing, but I didn’t believe her (plus, I had Renée Rouleau’s amazing triple berry peel). When I ran out of my trusty mainstay, I decided it was finally time to give this a try. And as it turns out, the raspberry peel is great! You know how brands always tell you that products work best when paired with their other products? It sounds like a marketing move, however, it does tend to be true. I get the best results from the peel when I also use Arcona’s scrub and hydrating mask – or at least the scrub. The travel-friendly tubes have been my Fashion Month saviors. They make your skin rival that of a newborn babe (okay, at least that of a ten-year-old!). First I apply the brightening gommage exfoliatoricon ($52) to remove dead skin. I do this in the shower after conditioning my hair, then follow up with the peel. Once all those dead cells are off, I replenish with the wine hydrating maskicon ($40). While the whole routine is supposed to take up to 40 minutes, you only need to do it a couple of times a week at most, and it’s the perfect excuse to relax with a good book (or blog!). Try the trifecta out and let me know what you think. Available at Nordstrom.

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