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Multi-Duty Cream Showdown: Doctor vs. Doctor

I workout first thing in the morning meaning there are about 15 minutes between my alarm ringing and me jetting out my front door. I don’t usually wear makeup in the morning, but sometimes when my skin is acting up (say because I’ve had too much dairy), I like to cover things up with a BB or CC cream (the difference between the two is minuscule – CC stands for “color correcting” so they’re more likely to address redness vs a BB which is meant to address signs of aging, but overall the two act very similarly…the key differences are from brand to brand). I also like having a BB/CC product on hand for after the gym – they’re quick and easy and good to have in case I run into someone I know between the gym and my shower at home! The key thing to remember when deciding on which BB or CC to get is to make sure it works as makeup, sunscreen, and as a skincare product. The second key is texture. A good one will be light in texture despite packing in all of these functions so that it can be worn on its own or serve as a base. I recently tested out two from highly regarded skincare lines: Dr. Brandt and Perricone MD. Here’s how they stack up!

Perricone MD No Foundation Spf 30, $55: While not technically called a BB cream, this foundation delivers a light wash of color, has anti-aging ingredients, and an SPF of 30 so it works just like one. It’s available in two shades and surprisingly given that it’s foundation, it’s super light (pretty much sheer) – in fact were it more moisturizing I’d say it was more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation since it didn’t cover my skin with much noticeable color. It’s not that hydrating however so I’d suggest using a primer on your skin beforehand so that it glides on smoothly and feels weightless. If you’re looking for a very light foundation with a dewy finish and top quality anti-aging ingredients this one is for you, but if you have dark skin or have serious spots you’re looking to cover-up, this is unlikely to do the trick.

Dr. Brandt Skincare CC Glow Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $39: Followed with a little bit of powder, this one worked very well for me. It comes in one shade and worked perfectly to even out my skin and while it still felt and looked sheer, there was more coverage than with Perricone’s product. I did notice that when I let the tube sit for about a week without using it that the oils separated so make sure to shake the tube before you use it – and avoid this product if you are looking to cut back on oils. I would still suggest using a primer beforehand unless your skin is very oily – primer just helps every product go on smoother.


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