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Dior Winter 2013: Low Heel, High Impact

Dior Winter 2013

It’s not everyday that we see a daringly different shoe that’s actually comfortable (lobster heels, while unusual, do not qualify as even marginally sensible footwear). Leave it to Raf Simons to defy expectations. He’s come up with the season’s most sophisticated shoe. The architectural heel is like a work of art, and yet somehow it’s completely wearable and unfussy. Yes, wearable a.k.a. comfortable. Don’t believe me? Head into Dior and try them out for yourself. While the heel is small and uniquely placed, it’s chunky and balances you out nicely just shy of 4″ with a 1/2″ platform. The style comes in black, red, floral, mesh…as a sandal, pump, even as a bootie! It wasn’t an easy choice, but I had to bring the black suede sandal home with me. With a silhouette like this, who needs color? To get yours, call Dianna at Dior (214-520-6494).

Dior Winter 2013

Dior Winter 2013

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