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Maison des Talons: The Secret Avant-Garden

Maison des Talons

This is the most exquisite line of shoes I’ve seen in a long time. Maison des Talons designer Susanne Villiger’s awe-inspiring accents are like nothing you’ve seen before. I borrowed the Swarovski-encrusted Les Tinettes for Fashion Week (the only time I’m grateful to be a runway sample size 10!) and wore them to the Socialyte Blogger Awards. Everyone was staring at my feet, and it turns out the heels were good luck – we won! While I highly recommend the crystal-accented pairs, even the flats are deliciously avant-garde. Sadly, they’re not yet sold in the U.S. but are sold at La Muse in Paris (+33 0 1 47205992). With their platforms and signature heel details, these shoes are undeniably distinct, and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing them around more often. Les Mariones in quartz ($805), Les Chléos in sapphire and aquamarine ($835), Les Giselles bootie ($1,085), Les Tinettes with Swarovskis ($1,615), Les Claires in quartz ($655), and Les Florences flats ($605) at Maison des Talons.

Maison des Talons

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