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Nina Ricci Spring 2014 Collection: The Wearable Lightness of Being

Nina Ricci Spring 2014 Collection

My first show of Paris Fashion Week is definitely the most entertaining one I have ever attended. Yes, the light-as-air feminine frocks, boy-meets-girl waistcoats, and Impressionistic florals and sheer tiers and layers were a feast for the eyes. But the real jaw-dropping moment was one no one saw coming. Halfway through the optimistic show, two very crazed (and very topless) protesters stormed the stage with the words “Model, Don’t Go to Brothel” scrawled in bold marker on their bare breasts. Comical as the crashers were (they were members of FEMEN, a group of Ukrainian feminists), they didn’t ruin the show. On the contrary. The two poised models walking the runway at the time kept on going like pros, acting like they didn’t even see the two raving lunatics bounding next to them.

But enough about the distraction. Let’s get back to the frothy-sheer elegance of Nina Ricci’s Spring 2014 collection. Peter Copping’s theme of the season is transparency. And he ran with it! Petal-soft skin abounded, but there’s nothing racy or overly revealing about these sexy-sweet clothes. A powder-pale palette was effortlessly blended with garden-fresh florals for a ladylike yet seductive mood. Elements of masculinity were injected via 18th century-inspired jackets, nipped to hourglass-accentuating perfection, and lightly structured pencil skirts. But let’s be honest: femininity is stronger than male forces, at least in Nina Ricci’s airy world (and ours, too). And like a breath of spring-fresh air or a fantastical stroll in the clouds, it’s a world where we all yearn to live.

Nina Ricci Spring 2014 Collection

Nina Ricci Spring 2014 Collection



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