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Slob Trend Alert: Nubby Devil Buns


Thank you Miley Cyrus for not only convincing me that we are doomed as a culture, but for ushering in one of the worst hair trends in years. I can’t count the number of women I’ve seen at events these last few weeks sporting a nubby devil bun hairstyle and not one of them has looked anything other than ridiculous. Am I alone in finding that this look not only appears costume-y, but comes off as contrived? People have written far and wide that Cyrus is screaming for attention and this style seems to illustrate it well. Interestingly enough I do think the two bun look can work, but only when they are low buns and when you’re working out or going about your chores at home.

Thoughts? Do you agree that this is a slob trend?

Image: Buzzfeed

6 thoughts on “Slob Trend Alert: Nubby Devil Buns

  1. Cyrus-Virus…

  2. gretels treasures on said:

    It’s hideous. She is hideous. Yuck

  3. Ha ha. Well at least she is ushering *something* new in, rather than just recycling trends, which is what 99.9 percent of young entertainers are doing now.

    • Shannon McD on said:

      Actually, Gwen Stefani has done a knobby ‘do while performing for years, and it totally works for her. That’s probably because she’s a singer in a punk rock band, she dresses like a badass punkrocker, so it’s appropriate. So, Miley is in fact not original at all (you cannot mess with Gwen, she oozes style on and off stage). I hope she finds her own look soon, it’s not going well so far!

  4. Stephanie on said:

    Agreed… Ridiculous and Hideous. What ever happened to to being well dressed???

  5. Do we really need a five-sentence article whose only purpose is tearing down a young woman for how she wears her hair? This is disappointing.

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