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Valentino My Own Code Clutch: Make It Your Own


Welcome to the next level monogramming. Personalization is nothing new when it comes to clutches beloved by bag snobs and connoisseurs, but Valentino’s My Own Code clutches elevate it entirely. Unveiled in Paris last February, I had the pleasure of ogling it in every single way possible (blue fox fur being my favorite). But I ultimately decided to order the custom-initialized bag in classic Valentino Rouge, a color you just can’t go wrong with (not to mention an unwavering mood booster). From cherry red to royal blue, the streamlined clutch is free of the tried-and-true Rockstud motif. Actually it’s free of hardware altogether. With strict, crisp seams and a smart asymmetrical handle, it’s at once simple, elegant, and very useful. In calfskin leather, it projects a rather serious look, but once your initials are distinctly featured on the handle? It takes on an entirely special feel.

I’ll admit it took me a few minutes to adjust to holding my clutch on one side, but once I shoved my wallet, iPhone, extra battery charger, and sunglasses inside – made of super-lightweight leather, it holds a surprising amount of stuff – not only was I comfortable holding it, it felt oh-so personally my own. At Valentino for $1,945.

Pair with: It might not bear my initials, but I’m still eager to make Saint Laurent’s perfectly flounced peacoat mine, as well! On Matches for $2,065.


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