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Vintage TeaWorks: Is Tea the New Wine?


It’s happened on more than a few occasions that I’ve been out with friends and instead of ordering a glass of wine or champagne, I’ll have some tea. My vices are bread and sugar and have never included alcohol – even when I was in college. I’m a tea addict however and it’s so fantastic for not only your health, but your skin (though I realize when you’re out it might not be the best beverage of choice, but I’ve never been one to give into peer pressure!). I’ve had wine/cocktail-inspired teas before and they’ve always been, for lack of a better word, gross. It’s like beauty products that are champagne flavored…how often do those taste anything but artificial? Not so with Vintage TeaWorks¬†however. The brand was founded by someone who has spend over a decade studying and teaching people about wine so he has an enormous respect for the craft of its creation and the result are teas that actually smell like wine – but also like tea. What I mean is that while you’ll certainly get pure smelling wine notes, don’t expect this to sooth your craving for Cabernet if you’ve got a raging urge for a glass of wine (just like a carrot isn’t going to sooth my craving for a piece of cake…). These do however make for a great complement and I love that each of them has a detailed flavor profile and a list of suggested food pairings. Tea really are as complex wines and it’s nice to see that come to light. Plus this brand covers the gamut from oolong to rooibos to green – each of these have great benefits including clearer skin and weight loss.


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