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Alejandro Ingelmo Lace Up Pump: The Dreamweaver

Alejandro Ingelmo Lace Up Pump

In the last week I’ve gone from black lace to black lace ups, and while these are not the same, they have a few things in common – namely, sex appeal. Yes, with all of the cutout detailing and dangling laces, these Alejandro Ingelmo pumps seem like a hot mess, but the operative word here is hot. No one does cutouts better than the Miami-bred designer. He knows just what to reveal and what to keep hidden, making these strappy shoes the kind you can’t wait to put on and show off. They let you indulge in S&M in a tasteful way. Besides, the cobweb of laces is perfect for the month of Halloween. What more do you need to know to tell that these pumps are a hot commodity? Oh yeah – that there’s only one pair left! See if the shoe fits…On Farfetchicon for $1,295.



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