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Aperlai Geisha Doll Heels: Pretty in Parisian Pumps

Aperlai Geisha Doll Heels

Aperlai always has a masterful way of catching the attention of both Shoe Snobs and celebs alike with distinct designs you can’t find anywhere else. The Parisian brand’s most recent conquest is none other than Katy Perry, who wore designer Alessandra Lanvin’s pink Geisha Doll pumps to her new album’s release party. Katy’s of course known for choosing unique pieces, and these graphic geisha meets ballerina doll heels were no exception. The hand painted shoes are just the kind of pastels you’ll want to be adding to your collection for Spring/Summer 2014. As the name indicates, they were inspired by the elegance of the ancient Japanese tradition, but more interestingly, the structured heel was also designed with cubism in mind. Made from lightweight ABS, the chunky pumps are surprisingly easy to walk in – so really they’re the opposite of geisha shoes. Hey, no complaints here! Aperlai Geisha Doll Heels also available in suede and woven textures at Aperlai.

Aperlai Geisha Doll Heels



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