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Botanical Me: Get An Instant Energy Boost


Botanical Me is a new aromatherapy product line inspired by some of Africa’s most powerful healing plants. ME actually stands for Malaria Eradication since the brand partnered with Malaria No More, a global non-profit. Product sales directly go to help supply mosquito nets, education, and ACT Medical treatments. They make a variety of products including mists and butters, but what I’ve been loving is their Instant Energy Pulse Point Roll-On ($11.98). I just sniff it for a two or three deep breathes in the morning and it helps wake me up – obviously I still take my dose of caffeine, but the deep breathes and clean lightly minty scent (grapefruit and ginger are also in it), give me an instant de-stressing boost. The roll-on is recommended for your neck, shoulders, and other pulse points, but I’ve found just inhaling the smell is effective and that way it doesn’t mix with my perfume!


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