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Buff Her: The House of Exfoliation

Buff Her

Who isn’t a sucker for good packaging? There are so many fantastic products out there that it’s one of the key things we all use to pick one over the other. It’s also one of the key things that comes into play when I’m considering trying a product from a brand I’m unfamiliar with – especially when it’s face and not body. Buff Her comes in adorable little glass bottles and all the ingredients are recognizable and organic. Completely chemical free, they’re pretty much ready-made DIY in the kitchen scrubs (except not really because who really has organic bananas in powder form, but you get what I mean…). They only use fruits, veggies, seeds and the base is whole dry milk powder so you can imagine the smoothness of the texture. Better yet because it’s a water and cleanser activated scrub you don’t need much of the water, but don’t be fooled by the large cap – once you twist it off there’s a small hole to allow for controlled usage. They also have this cool option to customize your own scrub, and there are dozen and dozen of options – would make a super fun gift!


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