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Clarisonic Launches Pedi For Your Feet

Clarisonic Launches Pedi For Your Feet

To know me is to know that I love and swear by my Clarisonic, so when the brand comes out with new products I’m always, ALWAYS, always excited. Their newest launch is called Pedi ($199), and it’s basically a Clarisonic for your feet. I got a pedicure done with it a few weeks ago (the kit is sold online at Sephora, Macy’s and other retailers, but salons will soon be stocking these offering Pedi pedicures), and it felt amazing. It’s way more effective than manual buffing to smooth out and soften your feet and it can double as a massage tool. It looks just like the Clarisonic, but it comes with a smoothing disk designed to smooth and soften your rough foot skin by using sonic oscillation (it’s a textured metal disk). It also comes with a wet/dry buffing brush head to help exfoliate. Note you can use this in the shower, but you cannot use regular Clarisonic brushes on the Pedi as it is too strong to be used on your face.

$199 gets you the Pedi device, the two brush heads and a trio of skincare products – Pedi Balm to hydrate (meant for daily use), Pedi Boost to exfoliate (twice weekly use), and Pedi Buff, which is meant to be used twice a week along with the wet/dry buffing brush.


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