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Frugal Snob: Custom Ryan Porter Bracelets


Custom usually means expensive, but not so with Krysten Kauder‘s new line Ryan Porter Bracelets. In fact I ordered the above bracelets for about $20! Admittedly the bracelets don’t look expensive, but the point isn’t for them to look expensive –  the point is for them to help express your personality in a fun, quirky way that, at least for me, brings back childhood memories. You can pick from a variety of colored strings or a metallic chain for the base of your bracelet or necklace and then get anywhere from one to about 10 letter beads, though I suggest keeping it short – it gets kind of tricky to wear the bracelet if you have too many letters. My “Feiereisen” bracelet looks a little stiff when I wear it…that’s what happens when you have such a long last name!

What do you guys think about these pieces? What would you have your bracelet say?

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