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Jung Lee New York: Home Sweet Home

Jung Lee New York

Accessorizing your home is as important as accessorizing yourself. I’m always excited to find inspiring, decorative pieces, and Jung Lee’s new home décor store in NYC is chock full of them. She goes all around the world to plan lavish events, discovering designers and gorgeous creations like these Brazilian geode bookends along the way. Some travelers bring home souvenirs for themselves, but Jung shares her finds with us in the boutique. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix like a $34 candle or a major investment piece, you’ll probably find it wandering around her well-curated shop.

Nest Fragrances Wasabi Pear Scented Candle ($34): In your home, scent is just as important as the look (though the soft white candle will certainly look gorgeous, too!).

Rani Arabella Grey Cashmere with Fur Throw ($2,000): Kelly’s excited about wearing fall fur and I’m excited about decorating my home with it (and snuggling up in the lush rex fur come winter).

Dark Blue Agate Bookends ($175): Considering you want something as heavy as a rock to keep your books in place and as beautiful as a jewel, there’s really nothing more perfect than a giant agate for the job.

Seletti Versailles Fluo Centerpiece Vase ($229): A classic vase gets a fluorescent kick. Decorating with such a piece is not easy feat, but when done well, it is an incredible addition to your home.

Tina Frey Designs Long Grey Trough ($295): We all long for a little greenery in our décor, yet the cost of constantly buying fresh flowers can add up quickly. Tina Frey’s mossy table trough will stay evergreen all year long, so your pockets can do the same.



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