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Kim Kardashian Dark Plum Lipstick: Snob or Slob?


I’ve heard from a few friends who work with celebrities in various capacities (charity, PR, event planning…), that the Kardashians are a nightmare to work with. I’m not surprised…I’ve never been much of a fan of their “reality” show or their style, and Kim K‘s new blond look – especially when coupled with goth lipstick – strikes me as a bit too Halloween-like. A vampy deep plum is not easy to pull off, but it IS a great shade that can work. I don’t wear lipstick often and I have very pale skin, but when I do wear it one of my favorites is Tom Ford‘s Bruised Plumicon. The key is to let it shine on its own. Don’t cover your body in something that makes your skin glisten unnaturally bright, don’t add a ton of shine spray on your hair, and certainly don’t overdo it with popping metallic shadow and long faux lashes…

What do you guys think about Kim Kardashian Dark Plum Lipstick? Snob or Slob?

Image: Zimbio


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  1. I completely agree with you on Kim K.’s look but I so badly want to try a deep plum lip on myself. I’ve been jotting down some brands and colors so I’ll add Tom Ford’s to my list. Anything other suggestions would be great! Trying to find the perfect dark shade! Xoxo

  2. I agree that shade of plum isn’t flattering for Kim’s skin tone especially with the blonde hair. On the other hand, I like the beachy hair color on her and it’s nice that she’s not caking on the foundation like she use to.

  3. I do love a good quality plum shade, especially this time of year and I think she can pull this one off, although I have no sympathy for the K-family members whatsoever.

    Tom Ford’s Sable Smoke turned out to be too light for my (medium) complexion but I loved loved the structure of the lipstick.

    Shall I give Bruised Plum a try, do I, dare I?