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Korres Launches Bergamot Pear and Apple Blossom


I’ve been blaming my addiction to Greek yogurt for my skin woes, but ironically while dairy might be horrible for my skin when eaten, it works great on it topically (I’ll write about it more in a few weeks, but I recently start using one of Korres‘ night creams and so far have experienced fantastic results). Korres is known as the go-to for Greek-inspired products, many of which utilize Greek yogurt, but yogurt isn’t the only one. They’ve got a bunch of other products that are packed with natural ingredients proven to work on skin and they’ve just launched a few new body ones in two new scents: Bergamot Pear and Apple Blossom. Both are great, but I really love the Apple Blossom, which is light yet definitely has a distinctive green apple scent, especially if you smell your skin up close. The Body Butter (HSN has a great deal going on where you can get two for just $26.95 – the retail price for one normally is $29) they have is awesome because it’s thick enough to work on rough feet, but light enough that you can also use it on your entire body. It’s spreadable, and has aloe and shea butter for moisture and repair purposes.


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  1. Greece is blessed with furtile lands and year round sunny weather. Thus a huge variety of natural ingridients can be used to create these incredible cosmetics. I am addicted to Korres (and Apivita). In fact most of us gals in Greece, are. It was about time that the rest of the world took notice! 🙂