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Raw-Vegan Mecca: One Lucky Duck

Raw-Vegan Mecca

I’m obsessed with One Lucky Duck. I could eat a pack of their crispies, cookies, and macaroons every day – like a whole pack no problem (well maybe 1/4 pack for macaroons…). Everything they make is meticulously handcrafted in small batches using the highest quality ingredients – I’m talking raw organic nuts (contrary to popular belief something like 99% of the nuts we have in the U.S. are not actually raw), soaked in water for hours to help our bodies digest them. Their snacks and desserts taste amazing and if you check out their books you’ll understand why everything is priced the way it is. Yes $13.50 seems likes a lot for a bag of macaroons or cookies and $8.50 seems like a lot for a small bag of cereal, but you simply can’t compare these products with anything else. There is no other brad – that I can think of and I’ve tried countless – making snacks that have ingredients this high quality, pure, and healthy. They’ve been meticulously chosen to not only benefit our bodies but to taste great.

I urge you to try their snacks! If we can justify paying four figures on a handbag I think we can justify paying a little more for our cookies and cereal to be able to enjoy them guilt-free. That said I should add that just because the ingredients are pure does not mean you should eat as many as you want of these foods. Some of these snacks are still high in calories and fat so do eat them mindfully. I have a feeling though that anyone who swaps our their Kellogg’s and Oreos for One Lucky Duck products will see a noticeable difference very quickly.


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