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Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter: Heavenly Treatment

Restorsea Body Butter

The Retexturizing Body Butter is one of my favorite beauty products of all time. I have an entire cabinet full of lotions (don’t we all?) but none of them do what this can do and makes me feel the way this does. The sheer luxury of applying this on should be enough, it goes on silky smooth and absorbs instantly. But it’s the result that has me hooked. The effects are immediate as my skin turns to satin and the hydration is palatable, like my entire body releasing a sigh of relief from an all day thirst finally being quenched. My mornings are crazy so I only have time in the evening to moisture the entire body and that’s another benefit of this Body Butter, it lasts an entire 24 hours before I apply again, and with continued use the results can extend even longer.

The secret is in their proprietary complex, Vibransea, which is in all the Restorsea products and is what gives them a distinct edge over other beauty lines. Containing a naturally derived enzyme from salmon eggs, Restorsea dissolves dead skin cells and only dead skin cells leaving fresh and youthful skin behind. The natural exfoliation is an obvious benefit but this process actually promotes the growth of new skin cells thereby strengthening the skin and allowing the other ingredients to work. Once the dead skin cells are gone, the Brown Algae can better penetrate the skin to moisturize, increase elasticity and reduce inflammation, and the Vitamin C to brighten the skin and reduce age spots. The Body Butter is the final touch of my (almost) daily ritual of relaxing in a super hot bath where I watch my guilty pleasure shows on the Ipad. I feel pampered and revived which is everything because taking care of the soul is almost as necessary as taking care of the body. Available for $120 on Restorsea.

Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter

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  1. Been using Restorsea for several weeks now and I am noticing a huge improvement in my 50ish skin. Smoother, less appearance of lines and just pure suppleness. The biggest plus is it’s scent. For some reason it reminds me of my summers spent at the ocean. It brings me back to that most special time in my life. Can’t wait to try the body lotion.