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Saint Laurent Betty Borsa Mini-Embellished Shoulder Bag: Trash and Vaudeville

Saint Laurent Betty Borsa Mini-Embellished Shoulder Bag

When I saw this bag, I could not believe my eyes. From the Birkin-esque Sac de Jour to the ultra-clean Lutetia, the Hedi-era Saint Laurent bags have been, for the most part, understated and chic. Until now. The latest Betty forces me to pose the question: dumpster-dive much? A bag like this lets us know $2,000 Courtney Love-inspired babydoll dresses are the least of our Saint Laurent worries.

They’ve taken a classic black bag, still sporting a simple, rocker-slick chain strap, and doused it with an entire warehouse worth of seamstress rejects. Various buttons, pearls, hanging chains, and fraying ribbons have been piled on by someone with the design skills of a precocious four-year-old (maybe they were). Or maybe their studio’s junk pile just vomited all over the bag. Perhaps I’m being pessimistic. Waste not, want not, right? Maybe they’re just putting old scraps from the recycle bin to good use. At Neiman Marcus for $7,500.



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