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Wicked Candles: A Slow Burn

Wicked Candles

With the holiday season coming up, you’re sure to have family and friends over quite a bit, and the best way to welcome them into your home? With gorgeously scented candles! I love decorating my table with the warm glow of candlelight. This year I’ll be using Wicked’s high quality, pre-dripped pillars. So far I’ve put them on pretty much every surface in my home. The dramatic dripping creates a romantic ambiance that feels inviting and intimate. They’re lightly scented and burn like pillar candles (down the center, so you don’t have to worry about wax actually dripping along the sides and creating a mess).

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the couple behind the candles – Samantha Schacher (the co-host of Dr. Drew on Call) and her husband Mark. The duo originally designed them for their wedding, where they were such a hit with friends that the two decided to start selling them. They also have the Negative Space collection, a selection of glass-encased candles inspired by famous authors like Oscar Wilde and Virginia Wolfe. An image decorates each black glass, which glows eerily, evoking the spirit of the writer. Sticking with the romantic theme, they come with love notes, so make sure you choose the recipient wisely! Pre-dripped (small – $22, medium – $26, and large – $30) and Negative Space candles ($32) available on Wicked.

Wicked Candles



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  1. I have 14 candles and have loved them for 2 years. I have given them for gifts. And they are loved. Thank you for writing about them. I love Sam and Mark.