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The Birkenstock Revolution: Comfort is King

The Birkenstock Revolution

My penchant for sky-high heels has not been the best thing for my health. In fact, it’s given me everything from back injuries to mysterious-sounding conditions like Morton’s Neuroma. When my podiatrist put me on Birkenstocks for a few weeks, I quickly fell in love. For those who are skeptical, look no further than these rose-printed Givenchysicon. They’re sold out right now (see – Birkenstocks have a surprisingly chic fan base!), but flowers bloom in the spring and you can expect these on sale again at about the same time. To tide you over until then, pick up a pair of Frugal Snob friendly Papillios (on QVC for $73.42). They’re also available as thongs in English Garden (on QVC for $83) and feather prints (on QVC for $79). When I first started wearing sandals like these, everyone – including Kelly – made fun of me. That is, until they tried them for themselves! Wearing Birkenstocks feels like getting a foot massage. They’re almost as addictive as a pair of 5″ Alaïas…almost.

The Birkenstock Revolution



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  1. What i love most about Birkenstock is how the in-soles are carved and designed. They are designed in such a way that it stick to your foot so that you can walk and even run in them without it slipping off.