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Brow and Lash Tint: Why You Should Do It

Brow and Lash Tint

Every three months I get my highlights touched up and I feel like each time I get progressively blonder, which I’m happy with! BUT now my poor brows are starting to feel left out! Enter tinting. The quick process, which I recently did at the Benefit Brow Bar (bonus you can get a free brow service if you go on your birthday), not only leaves your brows looking fuller without being aggressive looking (a big fear of mine since my eyebrows are on the thick side), but they will match your color so it flatters your face/coordinates with your hair in a more natural manner. The color lasts 4-6 weeks and is a fantastic alternative to a pencil. Ditto for your lashes. You can get a tint in lieu of mascara. I haven’t done the lash tint, but next time I go to get my brows touched up I plan on giving it a try especially because that means I would be able to go to the gym with popping lashes without risking raccoon eyes…


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