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DL1961 Riley in Fury: The Girlfriend Jeans

DL 1961 Riley in Fury

When I put on a pair of boyfriend jeans a few months ago, my husband laughed so hard he almost peed his pants. They’re just too baggy for petite girls (the crotch sagged all the way to my knees!). Truth be told, I could’ve fit three of me in those jeans. At the same time, I’m sick of skintight skinnies that demand you skip dinner the night before. Where’s the middle ground? Just when I had almost given up the search, I tried on a pair of Riley jeans from DL1961. They’re relaxed enough to let you eat yet slim enough to show off your curves – basically perfect! The cropped and cuffed ankle also helps with the baggy issue. Wear these with heels and a well-tailored top to really play to your girly side. In fact, I’m going to call these the girlfriend jeans. Because who actually wants to look like her boyfriend? Available at DL1961 for $168.



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