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Eco Guru Danny Seo Launches a Fragrance Line


Danny Seo was unarguably a precocious child. On his 12th birthday with $23 he founded Earth 2000 and six years later it was the country’s largest teenage activist charity, spearheading worldwide environmental campaigns. Since my brother moved to Seattle I’ve become increasingly aware of the importance of living more consciously (my brother, the once steak-loving guy, is a vegetarian who is on his way to becoming vegan!), so I’m even more impressed with all that Seo has been doing. In addition to a number of books, TV show appearances, and products, he’s Danny Seo launches a fragrance line. Just like his other products the debut fragrance for his new brand, Reserve Global ($65), is as stylish as it is eco-conscious. More impressively it’s made with globally sourced ingredients all of which are Fair Trade using NaturePrint technology, which allowed the producers to capture the fragrance notes in their natural habitat without cutting or harming the material’s source…how cool is that?! This is truly an awesome, cutting edge fragrance, and to boot the bottle is awesome. It’s hard to tell from the image above, but the cap is made from wood which gives the fragrance a very unique look. The floral scent’s notes include peony, violet, raspberry, pink pepper, mandarin, rose, cedarwood, and musk.


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  1. I don’t see how this doesn’t interrupt any natural habitats or remove any nature from it’s source if the cap is made out of wood. I think people need to be aware that anything that is in packaging of any kind and is produced in large quantities is not eco friendly. This perfume may be LESS environmentally damaging than other perfumes but it is not truly eco friendly. It a really good marketing strategy though to say that it is but I prefer not to be mislead. I’ll stick with my Shalimar, at least it doesn’t lie to me.