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Fabergé Émotion Rings: Emotional High

Fabergé Émotion Collection

The abundant and impeccable detailing of the Émotion collection is nothing short of a masterpiece worthy of any art collection. Each ring is adorned with 300 gems spilling around all sides in an organic yet decadent cascade. Inspired by the Fauvist art movement in which emotion is expressed using color (Matisse is the most well known Fauvist artist), these rings definitely reflect an elevated emotional state. In fact, “les Fauves” is French for wild beasts. Personally, I’m wild with desire, and I doubt the feeling will abate until I’ve given in to investing. A piece of art you can wear is surely a better investment than one you hang on a wall. And one that reflects your mood is certainly good for the soul. If you need more serenity in your life, sport the calming blue sapphire, or if you’re a hopeless romantic, the pink. After all, why wear your heart on your sleeve when you could put it front and center on your finger in the form of gorgeous, museum-worthy art? Fabergé Émotion rings available in rainbow, pink, or green ($38,104), as well as in sapphire blue ($21,774), at Fabergé.



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