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Fernando Jorge Black Diamond, Sapphire & Gold Lobe Earrings: Lightning Strikes

Fernando Jorge Black Diamond, Sapphire & Gold Lobe Earrings

With the slew of holiday parties coming up, we’re on the lookout for conversation pieces that will draw all revelers’ eyes to you. A take on one of the year’s biggest jewelry trends, the ear cuff, more than fits the bill, especially Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge’s luxe black diamond and sapphire beauty. After all, why should exquisite gems be relegated to merely one point on the ear? Here they strike along the whole lobe like a bolt of rhodium-plated electricity (light and movement were the jeweler’s inspiration) with a mix of pear-shaped and round stones that’s guaranteed to pull in and reflect even more light. And unlike cuffs that simply attach around your ear, these earrings loop through your piercings to ensure they will not be lost (at this price, it would be a true devastation!). Available at Matchesicon for $5,994.

Fernando Jorge Black Diamond, Sapphire & Gold Lobe Earrings

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