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Get the Look:’s Veronika Heilbrunner


I just got back from Munich a few days ago – home to Theresa as in the Theresa that belongs to mytheresa.comicon. If you have shopped the website you can just imagine how amazing the curated selection in the store is. Little surprise that one of the brand’s main influencers, senior fashion editor Veronika Heilbrunner, is always dressed to perfection. What really caught my eye about her however is her effortless hair, which perfectly complements here high/low style (think designer cocktail dress with Nike sneakers). Above you can see a photo of her looking super chic with her unwashed, but washed hair look. It’s the look I almost always hear the hair pros talking about going for when I’m interviewing them backstage… everyone wants that effortless I went to bed in makeup and woke up looking fabulous look, and she’s got it. To help get this look use a volumizing spray or mousse on damp hair and do a rough blow dry with your fingers. Then, backcomb a few pieces for texture. Here’s to not needing a complicated hairstyle to look polished!


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